Nuclear Countdown Started

One of the first legitimate voices to sound the alarm was Zbigniew Brzezinski. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee a few months ago, the former National Security Adviser warned that Bush was seeking a pretext to attack Iran.

He described a plausible scenario, blaming Iran for Iraq's failure to meet certain benchmarks, followed by a provocative act in Iraq or a terrorist incident in the US, blamed on Iran, followed by a full-blown "defensive" attack on Iran.

Brzezinski also said something that should have been on the front page of every newspaper and every TV breaking news report. Without saying so in so many words, he implied that the Bush administration was quite capable of manufacturing a so-called terrorist attack within the US to provide a reason for war.

The statement was virtually ignored by the controlled mainstream media, the Bush crime family's Ministry of Propaganda.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul recently gave a similar warning. He said we're in great danger of a staged terror attack or a Gulf of Tonkin type incident. Which would lead to bombing Iran. Which could signal the end of America.

Try to visualize what life might be like in the US of A under martial law. With complete collapse of our economy. Just for starters. And since the plan is to attack a non-nuclear country with nuclear weapons, you can anticipate a devastating retaliation. And not just from Iran.

Getting back to the countdown - If you happened to turn on a TV anytime in the last few days, you might have suspected that some kind of attack by the mythical al-Qaeda was already underway. Dire warnings spewed forth warning that al-Qaeda had reconstructed itself and was now stronger than ever. And that they were coming here in hordes, to a shopping mall near you, carrying dirty bombs made in Iran. (With the English lettering carefully erased this time).

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff weighed in with a 'Gut Feeling' that a major terrorist event is in the works - and we all better hide under the bed. Gut feelings, of course, do not constitute proof of anything. Except maybe indigestion.

Trying to resurrect the old Bin Laden boogeyman again, the US Senate decided to do its part by raising the reward money to $50 million for his capture. Seems like a safe bet, since old Osama died from kidney failure in December 2001. And no, you didn't hear about it in the mainstream media. They didn't get permission to report it.

Just to help perpetuate the fable, our exalted leader recently stated that the al-Qaeda perpetrators of 911 were still in Iraq. Unbelievable! Since most people now believe that the government routinely lies about almost everything, no one believed him. Other than the usual hard core Republicans who are willing to follow their leader lemming-like into oblivion.

In case you haven't noticed, the current administration is in the process of imploding. Subpoenas are flying. Investigations continue and more crimes are revealed everyday. We have seen just a glimpse of the absolute corruption that characterizes in every way this abysmally failed administration.

When the smoke clears, you can expect impeachments and prison sentences and - hopefully - war crimes trials for these people who destroyed our Constitution and our country. And the millions of destroyed lives we're responsible for in the Mid-East.

But wait! There's a way out! Americans have a notoriously short memory. And one way for Americans to forget the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq - the legalization of torture and the loss of Habeas Corpus and the other freedoms we've given up so casually - and the trillions in debt we're leaving for untold generations to try to repay - for all these and much, much more, the answer is simple: war.

I fully expect a dirty bomb to explode in one of our cities within the next month or so. I wonder which city they've chosen. Like a deadly lottery with the winner selected for destruction. Who selects the winning ticket? Karl Rove? Maybe our demented leader himself. The controlled media, of course, will hysterically make the Iranian connection. And that's all it will take. "W" will once again save us from the evildoers.

Sound farfetched? Sounds entirely possible and even probable to me. The Republicans should be very grateful for an enemy like al-Qaeda to focus on. If they didn't have such an enemy, they'd have to invent one. Come to think of it, maybe they did!

I remember reading reports - not in our "free press" of course - of members of the CIA pretending to be al-Qaeda, trying to recruit unsuspecting Arabs into their organization. And more reports of the Mossad doing the same. And still more reports of Britain's MI5 doing the same.

In fact, apparently every encounter with al-Qaeda revealed an intelligence agency connection. Maybe al-Qaeda is Arabic for CIA!

At any rate, I wouldn't worry too much about a mythical al-Qaeda - at least not the manufactured version. I think al-Qaeda means something like 'the base' and is actually used to describe a group with similar motivation. Like the Republican base. Or like any of the billions of people who now share the common characteristic of hating America.

I seem to remember an old FBI report putting the worldwide membership of al-Qaeda at around 200-300. Smaller than a Los Angeles street gang! The way the name is used, however, people think of a huge, organized conglomeration - something like a worldwide Mafia. It's not.

Getting back to the war to come. Have you noticed that Bush fired all the Generals who disagreed with him? Even Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was dismissed for saying that every member of the US military had the absolute responsibility to disobey illegal and immoral orders. And that an order to use weapons of mass destruction was illegal and immoral.

Obviously, you can't have a guy like that running around as Joint Chiefs Chairman. You need yes-men who will agree with everything you say - whether it agrees with the Nuremburg determinations or not.

You have no doubt heard of the latest excuse for continuing the war in Iraq. We need time for the 'surge' to work. The so-called surge, of course, is Newspeak for 'escalation'. George Bush, disregarding as usual the wishes of almost everybody on the planet, says he plans to wait for a September progress report from General David Petraeus, our latest Iraq repairman.

Does anyone have any question about that report? The good General could write and pre-date his report today. Whatever the actual situation in Iraq in September, you can be certain that 'victory' of some sort is just around the corner. All we have to do is stay just a little bit longer. Maybe 30 years longer. Long enough to steal every drop of oil. Long enough to kill - or try to kill - every Iraqi in the country. Long enough to sacrifice as many deluded American servicemen and women as we can - before somebody pulls the plug.

Assuming, of course, that sometime between now and September we haven't officially started the next world war by bombing Iran. It should be obvious that Bush needs such a war to distract from his failures and save what's left of his administration.

But at what cost? I have it on excellent authority that at the recent 'lobster summit' in Maine, Vladimir Putin bluntly warned our boy president that any nuclear attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, constructed by Russian engineers and technicians, would be considered as an attack upon Russia itself.

The Cold War worked for many years based on the principle of mutual destruction. Each side respected the other. Now, however, the imperial warmongers in the White House have demonstrated their contempt and lack of respect for everyone and anyone. That kind of hubris, controlling a nuclear button, should terrify everyone in the country.

Russia, of course, is as capable of destroying us as we are of them. And lets not forget China, who cannot be expected to stand idly by as their interests and investments in Iran are destroyed. You may remember China's recent demonstration of its ability to destroy orbiting satellites. Knock out our satellites, and we are blind. Unable to aim our weapons at anything. Including incoming missles. And lets not forget that China could easily destroy our economy simply by dumping the hundreds of billions in T-Bonds it holds.

What will happen is any body's guess. I hope I'm wrong about all of the above. Time will tell. I have a feeling, however, that time is running out. And I think it's time to prepare for the worst.

In the unlikely (?) event that we find ourselves under nuclear attack, would you know what to do? Probably not. I didn't. It's a subject so unlikely that you assume automatically that it will never happen, and you never learn what to do.

I have a Free Report you can download from my website that could be instrumental in saving your life: What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent!

When your TV switches to an announcement saying "We interrupt This Program to Bring You a Special Bulletin!" and your kids look up to you wide-eyed and eager for assurances, you can feel confident in knowing that you have a complete, detailed plan of action ready to go.

Your choice. If an actual nuclear crisis occurs, your preparation options and time to prepare would be extremely limited. I would not wish to be in that situation without any prior preparation at all.

Look at it this way. If the nuclear warning never comes, you will at least be fully prepared for just about any natural disaster that is likely to come. Beyond that, try to enjoy all the pretty colors in the next mushroom cloud you see - since it will, no doubt, be the last thing you will ever see. Have a nice day.

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